Emil Sjögren´s life in years

1853: Born the 16th of June in Stockholm. As a baby he is left with friends of the family, who take care of him the first six years of his life. This is to hide the fact he was born before his parents were married.

1863: The father, Johan Gustaf Sjögren, dies 37 years old.

1870-83: Employed at Dannström Piano Business.

1869-74: Studies at the Music Conservatory in Stockholm.

1876: First printed composition "Sorgmarsch" ("Funeral march"), for piano, and first published songs "Fyra dikter" ("Four Poems").

1879-80: Studies in Berlin, counterpoint and organ.

1881-83: Employed as organist at the French Reformed Church.

1883: The pianosuite Erotikon op.10 is rewarded at a Scandinavian competition in Copenhagen. Emil gives notice at Dannström´s. Travels to Copenhagen in the autumn.

1884: Continues his travels with his friend P E Lange-Müller. Spring in Vienna, summer in Merano, winter in Munich.

1885: With Lange-Müller he goes to Paris in the spring and from there to Denmark in June. In the autumn he returns to Berlin.

1886: Returns home in the summer. Teaches at the Richard Andersson School of Music until 1888. Reemployed at The French Reformed Church for a season.

1888: The second Violin Sonata triumphs at a Musical Festival in Copenhagen in the spring.

1889: Writes music reviews in Dagens Nyheter together with Clary Magnusson.

1890: Organist at the newly built St. John´s Church in Stockholm. The consecration ceremony is accompanied by the music of Sjögren´s St. Johns´s Cantata.

1891: Permanent employment as organist at St. John´s Church ­ to be kept for the rest of his life.

1894-95: Stays in Berlin during the winter, invited by count Alexander Friedrich of Hessen.

1895: The mother dies in the autumn in a traffic accident.

1897: Marries his music student Berta Dahlman. They settle down at Lill-Jans Plan in Stockholm.

1901: The couple Sjögren travel to Paris in the spring. Concert at Salle Pleyel the 28th of May with, among others, Jacques Thibaud. From now on they visit Paris almost every year until the war break-out.

1904: The Sjögren´s settle down in Malmsjö. However they stay in Paris the whole winter.

1907: Concert in London.

1908: Concert in Salle Gaveau in Paris the 23rd of June with, among others, George Enescu and Alexandre Guilmant.

1909: In Paris the whole winter.

1910: The Sjögren´s buy Villa Ovansjö in Knivsta and move in.

1914: Last stay in Paris.

1918: Emil dies from a heart disease the 1st of March.

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